SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX)

Enjoy high-speed Internet outside!

With SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX), you can enjoy SoftBank Wi-Fi Spots for only JPY514/day, no matter who you are.


Use Wi-Fi and enjoy a connected life!

About the Service

Anyone can use the service, even non-SoftBank customers.

You can use the service with an iPad with Wi-Fi, smartphone, computer, tablet PC, and more.

Only JPY514(including tax) for 1 day for unlimited use!

24-hour PlanJPY514 /day

No registration fee/yearly fee needed.

A wide service area

Access any SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot.

Some access points may not be accessible, like in subways or BB mobile points.


Register/purchase access from an access point in an applicable service area.

  • Payment is limited to credit card only.

How to Use the Service

Learn about the steps you need to take enjoy SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX) service.

For Existing SoftBank Customers

If you use a SoftBank device and subscript to a flat-rate data plan, you can use SoftBank Wi-Fi Spots for free.

Important Notes

Learn about important notes concerning SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX) service.

Frequently Asked Questions

View frequently asked questions about SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX).

To Login Page

Follow the link and press the "New Purchase" button and follow the steps to connect to the Internet.

Purchasing can only be done from access points within our service area.