SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX)

Enjoy high-speed Internet outside!

With SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX), you can enjoy SoftBank Wi-Fi Spots for only JPY514 /day, no matter who you are.

JPY514 /1day

Use Wi-Fi and enjoy a connected life!

About the Service

Anyone can use the service, even non-SoftBank customers.

You can use the service with an iPad with Wi-Fi, smartphone, computer, tablet PC, and more.

Only JPY 514(including tax) for 1 day for unlimited use!

24-hour PlanJPY 514 /day

No registration fee/yearly fee needed.

A wide service area

Access any SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot.

Some access points may not be accessible, like in subways or BB mobile points.


Register/purchase access from an access point in an applicable service area.

  • Payment is limited to credit card only.

How to Use the Service

Learn about the steps you need to take enjoy SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX) service.

For Existing SoftBank Customers

If you use a SoftBank device and subscript to a flat-rate data plan, you can use SoftBank Wi-Fi Spots for free.

Important Notes

Learn about important notes concerning SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX) service.

Frequently Asked Questions

View frequently asked questions about SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot (EX).

To Registration Page

Click "Registration" button to open email address input page to proceed the registration.

You can have your login ID in advance by making a registration from here.