Frequently Asked Questions


SoftBank does not appear within the choices of carrier names displayed on the mobile network settings screen.

Mobile devices must support WCDMA. If your mobile device supports WCDMA, please search for the network again in an area that is easier to receive a signal.

Mobile network connection cannot be switched to SoftBank.

Please make sure that your mobile phone contract covers international service. Several carriers that mainly use the CDMA system cannot connect to SoftBank, including Verizon Wireless, China Telecom, Asia Pacific Telecom, etc. You can see carriers that hold connection contracts with SoftBank on the Country Code List located on the login page.

I can’t connect to the dedicated phone number.

Please make sure that your mobile phone is connected to SoftBank. Connected mobile carrier name is displayed near your phone’s reception and signal area on your display for iPhones and on the lock screen for Androids.

When I call the dedicated phone number, a message saying “This is SoftBank. The number you have dialed is out of service”is played.

Please make sure you are calling the correct number. In case of mobile phones under special contracts, such as prepaid plans, you may not be able to connect to the automated voice response system, and as a result may not be able to use this service.

The password was not announced.

Please make sure you are calling the correct number. Please call again after turning Caller ID function on.

I was able to connect to the SSID, but the login page was not displayed on my browser.

Your browser may not support a SHA-2 SSL certificate or JavaScript.

I can’t connect to the SSID.

Many users may be using the service at the same time. Please try again after a little while.

I can’t log in.

Your password may have been disabled. Please call the dedicated phone number again to obtain a new password. Please log in on the same day you obtain your password.


About the ID / Password

I forgot my password.

If you call the dedicated phone number again, you can receive a new password.

I forgot my ID.

Your ID is your mobile phone number starting with the country code from which you have called the dedicated phone number (the number to call your mobile phone from overseas).

Can I change my password?

You may change your password from the 4-digit code to 4-12 alphanumeric characters on the registration page when you log in for the first time.

Can I change my ID?

You may not change your ID.


How to use

How long can I use this service for?

Your password is valid for two weeks from the date of issue.

Can I use this service again after the usage period has expired?

When you receive a new password, you can use the service for another two weeks free of charge.

Which languages are supported?

The service supports English, Chinese, and Korean. The Chinese page display supports both traditional and simplified Chinese.

Which SSID is supported?

Please connect to the following SSID: .FREE_Wi-Fi_PASSPORT

I don’t know the country code.

Please refer to the Country Code List on the login page.

Do I need to download a specific application?

No, you don’t need to download an application. Email address registration is not necessary, either. You may use the service with your telephone number and password obtained from the dedicated phone number.


Notes on Usage, Limitations, etc.

Where can I use this service?

The service is available in SoftBank Wi-Fi Spots. (Only provided at SoftBank-owned access points.) Please confirm area information from the service site after logging in.

What devices can I use to connect to the dedicated phone number for registration?

You may not use the service on mobile devices that do not support W-CDMA, devices under contracts that do not provide international roaming, or on devices on prepaid plans.

Can I use the service on two devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet?

You may use this service on up to five devices per day.

Supported devices

You can use this service on PCs, smartphones, and tablets equipped with a Wi-Fi function (2.4 GHz band). In addition, please use a web browser that supports SHA-2 SSL certificate and JavaScript.

Is there a service usage fee?

The service is provided free of charge.

Can long-term foreign residents in Japan use this service?

You may not register from a mobile device provided by domestic telecommunications operators.

Is there a calling charge for the dedicated phone number?

Depending on your network operator, this may incur charges. For details, please check with the network operator you have a contract with in your country.

If the User does not wish that his/her registered information such as gender, age, etc. and terminal location information be used for recommendation advertising and behavioral statistical analysis, can he/she not use this Wi-Fi service?

If the User does not wish that his/her information be used for recommendation advertising and behavioral statistical analysis, the User can log in to the following opt-out setting page using the this Wi-Fi service ID (mobile number provided at the time of registration) and password or Wi-Fi MAC address of the device being used instead of the password, and can change the service settings. Please note that this Wi-Fi service can be used even after changing the settings.
URL: https://exsupport.sbwifi.jp/optout/

If the User does not wish for additional display of advertisements, etc. resulting from the HTML tags added at the time of browsing through the website, can he/she not use this Wi-Fi service?

If the User does not wish for additional display of information such as advertisements, etc. on the web browser screen resulting from the addition of HTML tags, he/she may refrain from using this Wi-Fi service.


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